August 8th is regarded as the National CBD Day (NCD) in the US. The tradition started in 2018, and given the way the cannabis industry is going, it will probably stay for years to come.

Although the National CBD Day sounds like a great idea for all cannabis users and companies (whether you’re into smoking weed or using CBD), you have to ask yourself, how did it all start? It sounds quite random, but it is everything but.

There is an interesting story behind it, and if you want to hear it, make sure to read this whole article!

How did the National CBD Day begin?

As interesting as it may sound, there isn’t a really good reason why August 8th is the National CBD Day. It doesn’t have to do with any cannabis or hemp manifestation, nor is this date important for the cannabis community.

Instead, it is something that was spearheaded by cbdMD, a CBD company located in North Carolina. So, how did they manage to turn this date into the National CBD Day?

There is an organization located in North Dakota called National Day Calendar. Basically, you can contact this company and state why a certain date should be turned into a national holiday. In 2018, cbdMD did just that.

As the government was enacting The Farm Bill, which would legalize CBD, cbdMD made a case in favor of August 8th as a potential National CBD Day. With this move, cbdMD wanted to raise awareness towards medicinal hemp but also to promote their company and position themselves as industry leaders.

National Day Calendar company has accepted this suggestion, and they took August 8th as the official National CBD Day. So, since 2018, all medicinal cannabis lovers have a day that unites them.

How did the National CBD Day got approved?

Although this might look like a straightforward process, it took some effort for the National CBD Day to get approved. You see, the National Day Calendar team is rather small.

It consists of a four-person committee that has to go through 20,000 applications each year. Needless to say, everyone wants to create their own National Day. Oftentimes, this is a good way to promote a specific business or a product.

In the case of CBD, the committee made a fast, unanimous decision that the date should be accepted as the National CBD Day. Remember, all of this happened with the introduction of the Farm Bill, so there was a lot of buzz surrounding cannabidiol substances.

The timing was perfect both for cbdMD and CBD users all over the US.

Other important CBD dates

However, the National CBD Day is not the only date important for the cannabis and medicinal hemp community. In fact, there are some other dates that are even more popular.

The best example is April 20th, which led to the creation of numerous 420 memes and became recognized as the number that signifies cannabis.

This date became popular because of a group of California’s high school students. It all started as an after-school weed break event during the 1970s, and in time, it became popular with a large audience.

Another similar example is Cannabis Oil Day. This day is celebrated on July 10th, and it is special for cannabis oil users and manufacturers.

This holiday exists even longer than the National CBD Day; it was first celebrated 9 years ago. The reason why we use July 7th is that the date 7/10 (or better yet 710) looks like oil upside down.

Importance of CBD holidays for companies

Although these holidays seem like a good reason for cannabis users to unite and celebrate their passion, there is an underlying story to all of this. These dates are a great way to turn attention to certain companies and enterprises.

Basically, each one of these holidays was manufactured in one way or another. Of course, it isn’t easy creating a holiday, even when we’re talking about something that people are passionate about.

Instead, it took a lot of work and exposure to attract enough people so that these dates would gain traction and become celebrated within the community.

So, there is a great marketing incentive to create the National CBD Day or similar festivity.

The future of the CBD industry and the NCD

As we’ve previously mentioned, the National CBD Day is not just another fab. It is something that is here to stay. As we learn more about the substance and its potential wellness properties, these products may become even more popular and even more widespread.

The financial figures also support this presumption; the cannabis and hemp industries have grown with each passing year, and experts predict that these numbers will continue climbing exponentially as the substance becomes better regulated and better advertised.

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