Do you know how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction? Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s start by saying a few words about this health condition.

This is a health condition where a man cannot have or sustain an erection so that it affects his sexual performance is called erectile dysfunction (ED). Although many people do not own up to it, ED is much more common than you can ever imagine. It just isn’t anyone’s favorite topic.

You might have heard about cannabidiol (CBD) before and the numerous benefits attributed to the compound. If you have never heard of it, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound we get from marijuana. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary component of marijuana, cannabidiol, is not capable of making you high.

One of the said benefits of CBD is that it improves sexual performance and wellness. This claim is as controversial as many other said benefits of CBD.

In this article, we will be shedding light on how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

How Does ED Happen?

As we have defined earlier, ED is when a man cannot attain or maintain an erection. This might happen only once in a while due to many factors and might not call for concerns. It could be quite challenging and embarrassing when it becomes persistent. 

Erectile dysfunction could indicate an underlying problem, so you should take it seriously, especially when it is persistent. When you treat the underlying problem, there is every likelihood normal function is restored.

The causes of ED make a long list. We will try to narrow them down to the ones that will be relevant to this article.

  1. Narrowed blood vessels.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. High blood pressure and heart problems.
  4. Obesity. 
  5. Depression and anxiety (performance or general anxiety). 
  6. Stress.
  7. Sleep problems.

We can now go on to talk about how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

Can you manage erectile dysfunction with CBD oil?

Research findings on the effectiveness of managing erectile dysfunction are still sketchy. However, the results have been promising enough. Before we go too far, we need to understand how CBD works. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex biochemical system involved in various bodily processes and functions. There is still a lot we need to know about the ECS and how CBD interacts with the organism.

But we know CBD does not directly act on the ECS. Instead, it influences your body to stimulate the ECS through some cascade.

The ECS is involved in sleep and wakefulness, mood, memory, and appetite. It also plays a role in reproduction and fertility. And this is why CBD oil appears to be a relevant remedy when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

However, here is the twist. Studies have been contradictory concerning how cannabinoids like CBD and THC affect sexual drive.

Some studies say cannabinoids will increase your sex drive. Some other research discovered that the more you use cannabinoids, the lower the libido. And this itself could lead to erectile dysfunction.

The next question is:

Are There Are Other Ways CBD Manages Erectile Dysfunction? 

Some of the commonest causes of ED are anxiety, depression, and stress. Many are worried about performing poorly, among other things. This fear of poor sexual performance actually leads to poor sexual performance.

Some studies have shown that CBD oil can exert a calming effect and reduce anxiety. This may improve the whole process. However, this is still subject to further research. 

Being obese is one of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction. This is partly due to the predisposition to diabetes and high blood pressure.

These diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. Using medical hemp might help you lose weight because the ECS suppresses appetite. 

Besides this, CBD oil might improve blood flow by relaxing your blood vessels. This is particularly useful if you have clogged blood vessels or high blood pressure.

When there is improved blood flow to your penis, you can have and maintain an erection. There is only a little evidence to support this claim from a study. More studies have to be done.

Hence, you can possibly improve your erectile dysfunction by using CBD oil. However, as we have told you before, these are only postulations without the necessary scientific backbone. 

Bottom line: How do you use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

If you want to use CBD oil for ED, you should see your healthcare provider because there might be an underlying problem. They can then guide your decision.

As you can see, there is barely any scientific evidence to emphatically support a claim on how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. However, based on what we already know about the condition and its causes, we may be able to rationally tease some things out. 


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