Wondering how to make CBD vape juice at home? You’ve come to the right place!

Vaping seems like a trend that is here to stay. However, vaping liquids or e-liquids are very expensive. Yes, some brands try to best others by selling at discounted prices, yet a huge hole is left in your pocket after a $100 purchase for a teeny, tiny 30ml bottle.

Sure, you don’t want to blow your budget on vaping although it’s supposed to be a better alternative to smoking. But it also isn’t good if you don’t have enough money to buy the actual product.

This post will save you money by teaching you a step by step on how to make CBD vape juice.

Vaping 101

Vaping is the simulation of tobacco smoking with an e-cigarette; the user inhales vapor instead of smoke. An e-cigarette or vape consists of an atomizer, power source, and cartridge or tank.

For every vape to work, it needs a vape juice or liquid. Whether to save cost or for a healthier alternative to vape juices out there, you can make yours at home.

The following ingredients are needed to make CBD vape juice:

1. Pure Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This is plant-derived alcohol. It serves as the carrier in the vape. It is preferred mainly because it allows vapers to make oatmeal thick puffs. Vegetable glycerin also reduces ‘throat hit,’ the scratchy sensation of inhaling smoke.

2. Pure Propylene Glycol (PG)

Just like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol is another plant-derived alcohol used as a carrier in vape juice. It creates thinner puffs, reduces throat hit more than VG, and flavors stick to it better. It can be used as a standalone carrier or mixed with VG for optimum satisfaction.

3. Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate

Full-spectrum Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis. It contains 0.3% THC-which is negligible as it doesn’t cause psychoactive episodes in most persons. It also has terpenes-smell and flavor agents.

A cannabidiol isolate is the pure, concentrated product from the sole extraction of CBD from cannabis. It is devoid of THC and terpenes; hence, it doesn’t smell like weed. It is a bright white powdery substance with zero psychoactive yet several ‘healing’ effects.

If you opt for CBD isolate, be sure it’s from a reputable source.

4. Flavoring

Whatever flavor might appeal to you, there are several options out there. Some are artificial, others are natural. This ingredient is optional as VG, PG, and terpenes add some flavor to your vape juice.

We are aware that MCT oil is used mainly as an alternative for PG or VG, and you might be wondering why we didn’t mention it. Well, if you were making a tincture for topical or oral administration, that’d be fine.

However, using MCT is quite harmful with vaping as it will deposit in your lungs, causing severe respiratory issues over time [1].

Steps On How to Make CBD Vape Juice

1. Measure out the ingredients:

These measurements are for 30ml of vape juice; adjust accordingly for more or less.

  • 500mg of CBD
  • 12ml vegetable glycerin
  • 3ml flavoring (optional)
  • 15ml propylene glycol

2. To an empty, uncontaminated amber glass container, add the 12ml of propylene glycol:

This quantity is for a 60:40 PG/VG volume. If you decide not to use flavoring, you can top up the PG volume to 18ml. Also, if you would like a thick puff with less scratching in your throat, you can flip the ratio (i.e., 40:60 PG/VG vol.).

3. Add CBD to the container:

Whether you decide to use full spectrum or isolate CBD, add 500mg to the glass container you previously added Propylene glycol. We recommend glass for everything in this process because we don’t want the chemicals in plastics leaching into our vape juice. Shake well.

4. Add vegetable glycerin:

Add your 12ml VG to the mix in the amber bottle with the aid of your syringe. This ingredient is quite thick, so ensure you shake vigorously.

5. Homogenize the solution:

Cover the bottle and shake for a more thorough job.

Tip: Make sure that your amber bottle is covered correctly, and immerse it into a hot water tub for 10 minutes. It enables all the ingredients to blend properly, and there are no particles left in the amber bottle.

6. Add flavoring:

Finally, take out your bottle, uncover it and add your flavor if you are using any. Shake thoroughly.


You now know how to make CBD vape juice. This saves you money and gives you a healthier option instead of the addictive, harmful juices. Just fill up your tank and puff!


  1. Outbreak of Electronic-Cigarette-Associated Acute Lipoid Pneumonia. Accessed March 13, 2021. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/68/wr/mm6836e1.htm

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