Most people using CBD oil for the first time find it difficult to know how much CBD to use. It’s something that even the older users have trouble with.

This article is where you learn how to calculate CBD content. 

As you might already know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a psychoactive substance. This means it can’t make you feel high.

However, there is another chemical compound that might cause issues. The primary constituent of marijuana that makes you high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

If this wellness substance can’t make you high, why would you need to know how to calculate the CBD content? It is because it might take some time for your body to adjust to using Cannabidiol.

Taking more than you should take might increase the possibility of experiencing side effects.

What Determines How Much CBD to Use?

It is difficult to know how much CBD is right for you to use.

Before you can arrive at the quantity of Cannabidiol you need to take, you need the know the factors that come to play. 

  1. The form of Cannabidiol you are using

CBD exists as oil, cream, vapes, tablets, gummies, and other edibles with different concentrations and ingredients. Some products are pure; others have other ingredients (oils may have MCT oil and glycerin) added.

The various formulations of the compound have different CBD content. The content might be written on the label, or you may ask about it from the seller.

  1. Why you are using the compound

Cannabidiol has many benefits. People use it for a wide range of reasons.

Why you want to use Cannabidiol also determines how much cannabidiol you would need. The severity of your condition also determines the quantity of CBD to take.

  1. How your body responds to medicinal hemp 

The need for CBD can vary from person to person, and some people can metabolize it faster than others.

This means we all cannot use the same quantity of Cannabidiol even if we use it for the same reasons. Some people will require more to achieve the same results, while others will require less. 

  1. How much you weigh

Your weight is an important parameter in calculating the amount of CBD you need.

How Do You Calculate CBD Content? 

The dosage of Cannabidiol is not set-in-stone. Different researches have reported different things, so there is a universally accepted dosage.

Here is how you calculate CBD content:

Depending on the formulation, you should find the CBD content on the pack.

If it is a gummy or any other edible, you should see the quantity per serving. The same applies to tablets, capsules, and others. 

Cannabidiol oil usually comes in a small bottle with a dropper. It might be somewhat trickier to calculate the dosage based on the number of drops.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the bottle will only tell you the total CBD content in the bottle and not per drop. 

Here is how you calculate the cannabidiol content per drop:

Let us say that you have a 15ml-bottle of CBD oil that contains 1500 mg of CBD.

A single drop of the substance is about 0.05ml. If the entire bottle contains 15ml of CBD oil, you can find up to 300 drops of oil. That is simply 15ml divided by 0.05ml.

To get the CBD content per drop, divide the total Cannabidiol content by the number of drops. That should give you 5 mg.

So, each drop of CBD oil you take from a 15ml-bottle of 1,500 mg will contain 5 mg of CBD.

If you need to take 15 mg for whatever reasons, you know you are taking 3 drops of the CDB oil. 

How Do You Know How Much to Take?

We have already spoken about the factors that determine how much medicinal hemp you are to use. Remember, there is no fixed rule. However, there is a formula we have we can use to estimate the dosage sizes. 

Various tools like the CBD dosing chart and CBD calculator provide set guidelines for Cannabidiol use. These tools consider the factors we mentioned before – your weight, the formulation (cream, gummy, oil, etc.), diet, tolerance level, and the reason you are using Cannabidiol. 

Many have also recommended micro-dosing for starters. This means you take as little as possible and gradually increase the quantity until you reach your target.

Micro-dosing also helps your body get used to the wellness substance. 


It is important you know how to calculate CBD content to know the right quantity for you. It might look difficult initially, but with time, you get to know the right amount without breaking a sweat.

Also, remember to carry your physicians along and let them tell you what they think is right.


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