CBD is being legalized and regulated in most parts of the world. Most companies present cannabidiol as a completely safe wellness product.

The truth is, we still don’t know much about its long-term effects. This might not be important for elderly palliative care patients, but it can make a major difference for younger users.

Oftentimes, we get questions such as: “How old do you have to be to buy CBD?”

Young people and even teenagers are willing to try these products as a potential way of dealing with stress, depression, and various other issues. And while the product is legal in most western countries, that doesn’t mean you can use it at a whim.

In this article, we will talk a bit more about CBD, the legal side of things, and how old do you have to be to buy CBD.

Let’s jump right in!

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring substance within hemp. It is one of the numerous chemical compounds that can be found in the plant.

Among others, hemp is rich in flavonoids, terpenes, various cannabinoids, and other valuable matters. When we say that something is a CBD product, it usually refers to the fact it has cannabidiol but also other cannabinoids.

The experts believe that when you use all these chemical compounds together, you are able to produce an “entourage effect”, where the whole is more potent than the sum of its parts.

Generally speaking, CBD products might have a sedative impact on your body. Although they are often portrayed as safe, they aren’t without side effects.

The users can experience issues such as drowsiness, change in appetite and blood pressure, and other minor changes. However, they shouldn’t cause any psychedelic effects that are otherwise common for marijuana.

What are the main legal issues with CBD?

So, given that CBD doesn’t cause any problems and you might only feel minor side effects, why is it illegal for minors?

The first issue is the lack of research. We simply don’t know how the substance may act if you use it for prolonged periods of time. As already mentioned, this might not be important for the elderly, but it can have major ramifications for individuals who are still growing.

Another potential issue comes in the form of THC. This a psychoactive substance that makes you high when you smoke marijuana. Luckily, there isn’t much THC in hemp, so it is really hard to get high when consuming these products.

Furthermore, most governments of the world do not allow sales of CBD products that have more than 0.3% THC content. Nevertheless, there is still a chance of developing an addiction to the chemical compound, especially if you start using it at a young age.

The only way to resolve this issue is by having more medical data. However, it will take some time until we do. We also have to consider the fact that CBD products are wellness substances and that there is no regulation in terms of ingredients.

Every hemp company will have its own formula, which would make it harder to predict the potential impact. It would also make it harder to continue with the same therapy over longer periods of time unless you’re buying the same product from the same company over and over again.

How old do you have to be to buy CBD?

Answering these questions can be really tricky. Basically, it depends on a lot of factors and primarily on where you live.

As previously mentioned, THC content plays a major role in whether a substance is legal and at what age. If a product has more than 0.3% THC, there is a good chance it will be illegal for minors no matter where you live.

When talking about the US, you have to be at least 21 years old to enter cannabis dispensaries or to personally buy cannabis products. If you check some of the cannabis and hemp websites, you might notice there are pop-ups that even prevent minors from accessing the site.

Of course, it is still easy to circumvent this protection by simply pressing the “I am above 21” button. Nevertheless, companies are paying attention to this as selling to minors can have legal ramifications for their businesses.

No matter where your online CBD shop is located, you cannot sell cannabidiol items to individuals who are below 18 years of age. In order to protect themselves, reputable companies have a set of rules and policies. This way they ensure CBD products get to the right hands.

Although these policies sound great in theory, there is a lot to be desired. Keep in mind that CBD is illegal in most countries, and there is no global market like with the other products.

Instead, every region or country has its set of policies. What makes it even harder is the fact there isn’t enough monitoring on the internet.

Some scruples companies are taking advantage of this and are willing to sell subpar products to individuals of almost any age group.

Should I use CBD products if I’m below 18 years of age?

Based on everything that’s been said in this article, you probably shouldn’t use CBD products if you’re a minor.

There are simply too many unknowns, and we know very little about cannabidiol’s long-term impact on the body. Among others, THC can also cause unpredictable problems even if used in minor quantities.

Keep in mind there are some hemp-based drugs on the market, such as Epidiolex, which are primarily meant for children.

One day, products such as CBD oil might be used by minors.

However, at this moment in time, they are not sanctioned by the US FDA for treatment of specific conditions. As mentioned at the beginning, they are mainly categorized as wellness substances.

Like with most other substances, there are ways to circumvent these protective measures and buy CBD online even if you’re a minor. However, our team would suggest against it.

In conclusion

There you have it! We hope that this article has shed more light on the subject and has answered the question “how old do you have to be to buy CBD”.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team and we’ll be happy to give you a hand!

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