Medicinal hemp is commonly associated with various ailments and symptoms. Scientists believe that the plant is able to make a wholesome impact on your body, which is why it might assist with all these issues. As of late, you can see mentions of CBD for menstrual cramps more and more within the mainstream media.

Although this might seem like a long shot, CBD might help with period cramps. There are certain features of this product that might provide relief, so you should at least explore this option.

In this article, we will talk a bit more about CBD for period cramps, what to expect, and how to find the right product. Check it out!

What are menstrual cramps?  

Most women had to deal with menstrual cramps at one point or another.

The issue appears in the lower abdomen, and it can be really annoying. It appears either before menstruation or during the period. Menstrual cramps can vary in their severity. For some women, it will be a minor nuisance, while others will be several affected by this issue.

Period cramps occur as a woman’s uterus starts contracting in an attempt to expel the lining. The contractions are caused by a substance called prostaglandin. This hormone-like chemical also causes pain and inflammation so, the more prostaglandin you have, the more severe symptoms will be.

In some extreme cases, a woman can even faint during cramps.

How does CBD work for period cramps?

There are a lot of theories as to how CBD works. The dominant one involves the endocannabinoid system. While we don’t know everything about this system, we presume that it’s relevant for internal processes such as sleep, mood, pain, protection, regeneration, etc.

It is believed that CBD and other cannabinoids can affect this system and regulate its work. If that is true, they might harmonize all these internal functions.

CBD probably cannot eliminate menstrual cramps altogether. There is no evidence that it might affect the secretion of prostaglandin. Even if it could, it probably shouldn’t. However, the value of CBD might come in its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. So, while it might not have an impact on the issue itself, it might address its symptoms.

Cannabidiol is often mentioned as a product that might relieve pain and help with muscle contractions. The only hemp-based product on the market is Epidiolex, which is used for certain types of muscle spasms in children. If we make our presumptions based on that, it might also reduce the severity of cramps.

Keep in mind that all of this is within the realm of theory. CBD for muscle cramps is something that was likely invented by hemp companies, so we don’t know if this claim has real merit. While some of these presumptions might be true, there is no scientific data that would support CBD for period cramps as a valid treatment. Most of it is based on circumstantial evidence.

Things to watch out with CBD for menstrual pain

During menstruation, your hormone levels will change. Estrogen, in particular, will fluctuate a lot. While CBD is not regarded as hormonal therapy, nor should it have a major impact on hormones, you should still be careful about this.

Our knowledge is somewhat limited when it comes to medicinal hemp. There is not enough scientific data that would give us a clear picture of the substance. We don’t know everything about its potential benefits. We also don’t know how cannabidiol would affect our bodies in the long run.

What makes things even worse is the fact that every company can create its own version of CBD. In extreme cases, cannabidiol products may even have toxic residue if a bad extraction method is used.

Some CBD products barely have cannabidiol, and they might rely on substances that don’t provide any wellness benefits. Unless the US government enacts regulation that would streamline the production of CBD, as well as what is regarded as CBD substance, these issues will likely persist.

Even though CBD products are generally regarded as safe, they might lead to several issues. The most common problems that a woman may experience include drowsiness, change in appetite, change in blood pressure, dry mouth, etc.

Some of these issues might enhance menstrual pain or indirectly affect its symptoms. CBD side effects become even worse if you are taking larger quantities of the product.

What is the best CBD product for this period?

CBD topicals, and specifically gels, might provide the optimal solution for menstrual cramps (if we presume that the product works in the first place). Topicals are usually faster than some other types of cannabidiol items, which is especially important if you need quick relief.

That being said, we recommend that you buy products that are specifically labeled for period cramps. As already mentioned, there is no guarantee when using these substances; the best we can do is hope they would work as intended. However, by choosing a high-quality substance, you are at least reducing the change of side effects.

We always suggest that you start by researching the topic. You might also consult with an expert before buying a CBD item. Medical experts who specialize in hemp are a good starting point.

Keep in mind that if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you might want to avoid this substance altogether as it might cause some additional issues.

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