Hemp companies often present cannabidiol as a miracle cure that can address almost any internal issue. And while you shouldn’t use this substance for medical treatment (at least not without a doctor’s guidance), there is a chance it can harmonize certain internal processes and restore the natural balance to your body. As of late, people have started exploring CBD and pregnancy.

During this period of time, a woman is very sensitive. Some products can be really destructive, causing health issues for mother and baby. This is why you need to be very careful when using CBD during pregnancy.

In this article, we will talk a look at CBD and pregnancy, as well as potential interactions.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is commonly extracted from the hemp plant. It can be used by itself, or you can utilize it as the main ingredient for various medicinal hemp items. Depending on the method of administration, this product can have different duration and can provide variable results.

Although this product category is called “CBD” (which refers to the substance cannabidiol), these items usually have many other chemical compounds besides CBD. They are often rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. In fact, some scientists claim that other cannabinoids might also have a very big impact on the end results.

Most companies make CBD oil from organic hemp. Furthermore, it is believed that this product is, for the most part, very safe. Among others, you shouldn’t experience any major side effects when using cannabidiol oil.

If you do experience issues, they might come in the form of drowsiness, change in appetite, change in blood pressure, dry mouth, etc.

CBD oil benefits  

According to preliminary studies, CBD and other cannabinoids might be able to interact with the human endocannabinoid system. It is believed that this system regulates numerous internal processes such as sleep, mood, pain, regeneration, etc.

In theory, by stimulating the system, cannabidiol can harmonize various processes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will heal you or help you treat a medical issue.

CBD oil is often used for its wellness benefits. It might cause various improvements to your body, such as:

  • Boost to memory and focus
  • Increase of energy
  • Better, uninterrupted sleep
  • Improved regenerative and protective function
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of soreness
  • Better skin
  • Boost of appetite
  • Harmonization of internal processes

Keep in mind that the potential benefits will vary from person to person. They can be affected by your weight, metabolism, product type, product quality, dosage, etc.

CBD and Pregnancy: Can you use CBD during pregnancy?

To be quite honest, we don’t have enough studies that would indicate if CBD is good or bad during pregnancy. However, the general consensus is that you should use any of these substances if you’re pregnant.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, CBD and pregnancy shouldn’t be mixed. Experts suggest that you would avoid any marijuana substances, which would also include medical marijuana.

One study shows that CBD can lead to babies having smaller weight and some other issues. Based on that alone, you should be very careful as to how to approach cannabidiol. Even if a product seems safe and is advertised as safe, you should still try to avoid it.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that cannabis will cause issues if you used it before pregnancy or if you used it once or twice during pregnancy. These studies mainly refer to women who repeatedly used CBD during pregnancy as well as other cannabis and hemp products.

Anyway, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and you still want to use medicinal hemp, we suggest that you consult a doctor beforehand. They will give you all the necessary information about the substance and its potential interactions.

Main risks of using CBD during pregnancy

As we’ve already mentioned, this substance can have a really bad impact on your baby. There aren’t enough studies to make any conclusions.

Based on the available data, it seems that chemicals from marijuana are able to cross the placenta and reach the fetus. We’ve mentioned there is a chance baby will be born smaller. In the worst-case scenario, the baby will be stillborn.

There are also indications that exposure to cannabis can lead to issues with brain development. Keep in mind that we’re not certain which chemical causes this. In other words, these issues might not be because of CBD, but instead, because of THC or some other cannabinoid.

Another potential issue with CBD oil and pregnancy comes with the lack of regulation. Given that the market is not properly monitored and regulated, there are a lot of different products categorized as CBD or medicinal marijuana. They can vary significantly in terms of content, and with that, they might have a very different impact on your body and health.

Main risks of using CBD during breastfeeding

Of course, the issues don’t stop with pregnancy. CBD might also cause problems while you’re breastfeeding.

Like with pregnancy, there aren’t enough studies that would tell us about potential interactions between CBD and breastfeeding. Again, it is much better to take a conservative approach and avoid the substance altogether.

THC and other chemicals can be transferred via milk to your baby, and this can cause unpredictable problems.

Alternatives to CBD during pregnancy

It seems that taking CBD while pregnant doesn’t end well. So, it might be wise to find a replacement for medicinal hemp products while you’re having a baby. Keep in mind that these products are mainly used to improve your wellness, and they are not necessarily seen as drugs or supplements.

A lot of women use CBD to reduce stress or sleep better. If this is your situation, we suggest that you try some natural solutions. Meditation is generally great during pregnancy, and you can definitely benefit from it. People also mention kiwi as a fruit that can help with your sleep, so you might try eating it before going to bed.

All in all, by eliminating sources of stress and by eating natural food, you will be able to regulate natural processes. At least for a time being, this could serve as a potential replacement for CBD. 

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