Like with any wellness substance, there are always some questions when it comes to combining cannabidiol and certain drugs. People are worried about potential interactions, especially when using medicinal hemp with blood thinners. For example, people are concerned about using CBD and Eliquis. 

Eliquis is the brand name for a drug called Apixaban. It is an anticoagulating drug (or a blood thinner) that is used by people who are having issues with blood cloths. Given that medicinal hemp is often mentioned as a product that may help with heart issues and hypertension, patients are worried whether they’ll encounter issues when using CBD and Eliquis.

In this article, we will talk more about cannabidiol, blood clothing, as well as potential issues that might come as a product of using CBD and Eliquis at the same time. Check it out!

How does CBD work?

Although scientists have performed a lot of medicinal hemp studies in the last few years, we still don’t fully understand CBD and other cannabinoids. In some cases, our knowledge is based on limited empiric evidence, which leaves a lot of room for guessing.

Experts believe that CBD is able to interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This system is likely responsible for various internal processes such as mood, sleep, pain, regeneration, protection, etc. By using cannabinoid substances, we might be able to stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors, which could potentially harmonize internal processes.

Based on this presumption, CBD is often advertised as a miraculous wellness product. Companies advertise it as a chemical compound that can fix various issues within your body, although it cannot necessarily treat serious medical ailments.

How does CBD affect blood clothing?       

In order to understand the interactions between CBD and Eliquis, we need to see how this substance affects blood clothing. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have enough data to make any proper conclusions. But, we have a few presumptions.

Let’s start by analyzing its potential impact on blood flow. Based on what we know, CBD substances may assist circulation by dilating blood vessels. That would allow it to flow faster while, at the same time, preventing the formation of clots.

If we consider this to be true, CBD might be used as a product against thrombosis or for high blood pressure. We know this based on several tests. Unfortunately, these tests were performed on rat subjects. And while rats also have the endocannabinoid system as humans do, this is far from conclusive evidence.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different medicinal hemp products on the market, which is why it is so hard to make valid conclusions. Some of these products are completely different in terms of the administration method; others may be different when it comes to ingredients.

Most of them are based on a combination of cannabinoids, while there are also those that focus on just one ingredient (such as CBD). These products may also have various terpenes and flavonoids on top of everything.  

How do CBD and Eliquis work together?

Let’s see how CBD and Eliquis may work together.

Generally speaking, CBD products are regarded as very safe substances. They might lead to minor issues such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and nausea, but these problems are usually negligible and will stop as soon as you stop using the substance. However, we cannot overlook the fact that cannabidiol may slow down our body’s ability to process toxins.

You see enzymes in our liver work by processing various drugs and substances that enter our bodies. The main purpose of this is the removal of dangerous byproducts.

So, if these enzymes are unable to perform their function, the harmful substances will remain in the body longer than necessary, potentially leading to serious issues. Unfortunately, CBD may block these enzymes from working properly.

The mix of CBD and Eliquis may lead to various issues. For example, common side effects include excess bleeding, nosebleeds, gum bleeding, and easy bruising.

It is very important to be cautious when using these two together. As previously mentioned, the use of CBD will force Eliquis to remain in your body for a longer period of time, leading to all these potential side effects.

We urge you to consult a medical professional before using Eliquis with CBD. A doctor who is proficient with cannabidiol may adjust your dose. That is if the doctor even thinks it’s possible to use these two together.

Can I safely mix CBD and Eliquis?

Given the lack of data, we cannot guarantee your safety if you decide to combine these two substances. However, we might provide a few tricks that might work.

First of all, there are numerous things that affect how you react to various drugs. Weight, health, tolerance are just a few things you need to take into consideration. A proficient doctor can give you the right therapy that would minimize potential side effects that occur as a result of mixing CBD and Eliquis.

One of the best tricks is to start with a minimal cannabidiol dose. That way, you can see how the product will work and what to expect. If you react well initially, there is an option of slowly increasing the dosage, but you need to be careful when doing this. By taking a slow approach, it will be easier to monitor the reactions of your body.

If you want to be as safe as possible, we recommend that you always buy products from reputable sources. As we’ve mentioned, some companies mix different ingredients when making their CBD items.

In fact, some of these products are barely CBD because they have other unnecessary substances. This not only reduces their potency but may also lead to various unpredictable interactions.

Make sure to do your diligence before choosing a product. As an additional precautionary measure, you can check lab testing results that are performed by a third-party lab. If a company doesn’t perform such tests, this is a major red flag that would indicate potential issues.

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