Medicinal hemp may change the way the stomach works. It might affect you in numerous different ways, which is why most people don’t know whether CBD causes constipation or it helps solve the issue.

One of the major issues with CBD products is they have often had other substances besides cannabidiol, making it harder to predict the potential impact. Nevertheless, in this article, we will consider some interactions between CBD and constipation and whether it’s safe to use the product. Check it out!

What causes constipation?

Simply put, constipation represents the inability to properly empty your bowels. People who are suffering from this issue will feel uncomfortable and will have irregular bowel movements.

Although it seems like a minor problem, it is especially common in countries where people have a bad diet (the US is a good example). Furthermore, this is the most common gastrointestinal ailment.

Constipation is usually caused by poor life choices. It is mainly caused by a bad diet, not drinking enough water, or not exercising enough.

If you wish to address this issue, the best way to start is by introducing more water and eating food with a lot of fibers. Of course, exercising and improving metabolic processes will also help.

How to recognize constipation?

Most people have dealt with constipation at one moment or another. It can manifest itself in various ways and different severity.

However, the most common issue is being unable to go to the toilet. According to medical classification, constipation is regarded as chronic if you have less than 3 bowel movements per weak.

Besides these issues, you might also feel bloated; you might have a hard stool, difficulty while going to the toilet, or feeling pain while emptying your bowels.

Can CBD cause constipation?

So, does CBD cause constipation? Well, it is really hard to give a direct answer to this question. We have very limited user data as well as clinical data that would allow us to make any definitive presumptions.

However, there were cases where CBD users complained about constipation after using the product. However, the number of occurrences is so small that it’s hard to classify it as a side effect. Nevertheless, it is known that cannabidiol might cause issues with the stomach changing how it works.

One of the reasons why it is hard to predict CBD’s impact is because products are, for the most part, unregulated. A lot of different substances can be classified as cannabidiol, even if they only have traces of the substance. That being said, if you’re feeling constipated, it might not be because of CBD but because of something else.

Whether CBD causes constipation or not can also depend on the type of product that you’re using. For example, it seems that edibles, oils, and everything else that goes through your digestive tract are more likely to cause issues of this kind.

This might also be accredited to various carrier oils that are used together with CBD products. A lot of people believe that MCT oil is especially problematic when it comes to constipation and other stomach issues. The problem might also occur due to a combination of substances, not only substances in particular.

Can I use CBD for constipation?

So far, it seems that CBD oil doesn’t necessarily cause constipation. But, can it perhaps assist with this problem?

Again, the biggest issue is that we don’t have enough data to make any proper presumption. The best-case scenario is that cannabidiol may assist some of the symptoms and accompanying problems of constipation. A lot of experts believe that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory chemical, so it might serve us in that capacity.

By removing inflammation, it becomes much easier to harmonize bowel movements. Experts believe that CBD works by stimulating and normalizing the endocannabinoid system.

According to them, this system is important for processes such as sleep, mood, appetite, stress, etc. While CBD oil doesn’t necessarily treat any medical condition, it might help with some of the underlying problems. Oftentimes, ailments are caused by improper metabolic functioning. In that regard, this product may certainly help.

While its potential anti-inflammatory function is very intriguing, the reason why you might consider CBD for constipation is that the substance may lead to diarrhea in larger quantities. So, if you ingest enough of the chemical, not only will you not suffer constipation, but you can achieve an adverse effect.

Although substituting constipation for diarrhea is not ideal, perhaps there is an optimal dosage that would help you address constipation without leading to diarrhea.

Finding the right CBD product for constipation

As already suggested, the type of product may have an impact on constipation. The good thing about CBD is that there always new items hitting the market, so some of them might provide a better impact on constipation. Then again, it is really hard to say which one is the optimal one, given there is such a variety out there.

Naturally, the topical product will not do a lot for your constipation. The substance has to enter your bloodstream and, specifically, your digestive tract to make any impact on constipation (at least, this is what we presume).

With that in mind, perhaps CBD edibles are the best solution for constipation. If we presume that a specific product may relieve pain and inflammation then, this just might be the solution for you.

When choosing the product, it is imperative to buy the substance from a reputable source. Given everything that has been said so far, you need to have a clear insight into ingredients, production methods, and ingredient quality.

Of course, it is much better to purchase from companies that disclose results of third-party lab testing on their website.


Although we think that CBD oil may provide some relief for constipation, it probably cannot cause it. But, you shouldn’t take cannabidiol for granted.

There is a reason why you’re suffering constipation in the first place. So, it is much better to address the underlying issue and improve your biological processes naturally before resorting to any substance or treatment.

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