“Can CBD oil cause headaches?” is a question many CBD users ask. In this article, we’ll take a critical look at it and provide a science-based answer.

Over the last couple of years, the CBD market in the United States of America has grown significantly. More and more people are using the compound for different reasons. These include getting relief from fatigue, minor discomforts, and so much more.

Some people have even gone ahead to make CBD a major part of their daily routine. However, it is still important that we slow down and consider the potential side effects of CBD despite all these.

It might not be a bad as some other products, with serious effects coming from poor or unregulated usage. But, it still has its own ups and downs.

To that effect, one major question people often ask is, “can CBD oil cause headaches?” Well, in this piece, we’ll be shedding light on the details of that for you.

Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches for You?

There are reports and data for numerous drugs and supplements across the world to certify various pieces of information. However, for CBD, the same isn’t the case.

Of course, there is a lot of research going into the topic. But, as many CBD enthusiasts have noted, there aren’t enough individual reports on the possibility of getting headaches from CBD use.

Regardless, in 2017, a group of scientifically inclined individuals reviewed various texts to determine the possible side effects of CBD on you. In their report, they mentioned the possibility of getting dry mouth from the substance.

You could also have weight-gain, diarrhea, lightheadedness, and appetite changes, among others. However, at no point in time did the report mention headaches.

The same goes for some other pieces of research that have explored the topic. So, if you’re wondering if CBD can cause headaches, well, it’s just not very likely to happen with all things being equal.

So, What Exactly Can Cause Headaches?

We’ve already told you that you can hardly get headaches from using CBD, with all things being equal. But, some people still complain of dealing with the condition after using CBD oil. In that case, there are a few potential causes. Let’s have a look at them here:

  1. Proxy

Headaches are vague, general words that people use to describe different types of pains in your head. There are several types of headaches, from mild ones to migraines and everything else in between. Any of these headaches could be caused by light exposure that turned excessive or poor diet. In more serious cases, the headaches could be a result of a brain tumor.

The point is that with a headache, there are far too many variables involved. For that reason, it’s equally possible that those who get a headache from using CBD oil might’ve simply gotten the headache either way. It’s also possible that they used CBD oil to get relief from the headache but didn’t quite achieve it.

  1. Low-quality CBD

Sad as it is to say, the truth is that not every brand is as thorough with its CBD quality assurance process. More than you’d like to admit, several brands in the market cut corners to make a few quick bucks from unsuspecting customers. The result of this laziness is an output of inferior products.

The CBD industry isn’t as strictly regulated as some others within the country. So, the issue of low-quality CBD oils isn’t much of a surprise. But, it is still a problem by all means. This is because low-quality CBD could have different effects on different people.

There are so many different ways brands can mess up their quality. This increases the number of variables significantly and makes it hard to track the specific potential effects. But, it stands to reason that one of them could be headaches.

To avoid becoming a victim of headaches from low-quality CBD, it’s best to avoid these products completely. You can do this by ensuring that the product has the appropriate third-party testing certification before you buy it.

  1. Unexpected reaction

Human physiology isn’t exactly a straight line. Some things work excellently for some people. For others, it might not be the best idea. Generally, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with CBD oil. However, there’s also a slight chance that you might have headaches from it. If this does happen, however, you should know that it isn’t very normal.

In Conclusion

Now you know the answer to the question “can CBD oil cause headaches.”

No, headaches aren’t the most common side effect of using CBD. If you have them, it might be best to consult your doctor just to be sure that something else isn’t wrong.


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