The more you know about CBD oil, the more questions you want to ask. There are still a number of uncertainties concerning this amazing wellness product. It is not uncommon to find people wondering what the best time of day to take CBD oil is.

This question is important if you want to get the best from the compound. The best time to take cannabidiol oil depends on several factors. It is not a matter of “one answer suits all.”

In this article, we will try and help you arrive at the right time to take your CBD oil. We will tell you the important things to note when deciding the time to use your CBD oil.

Why Do You Use CBD Oil?

Medicinal hemp has been said to have a wide range of benefits.

As such, different people use it for different reasons. As there is no universally acceptable time, many people use the oil twice a day – morning and night.

Some others might use it in the afternoon too. In the real sense of it, the best time of the day to take CBD oil is the time that works best for you.

Cannabidiol has different effects on people. How it affects you could be different from how it affects others. Our ECS accounts for these differences.

ECS stands for the endocannabinoid system. It is an intricate system in our bodies that influences mood, appetite, sleep and alertness, pain sensation, and reproduction.

Before you start using CBD, you already have your expectations. Most people are trying to address a specific issue (such as lack of sleep), which is why they would probably prefer taking the substance either in the morning or in the evening.

Does CBD oil help with sleep?

There are some studies to suggest CBD helps with sleep. If you are taking CBD oil to sleep better, you should consider taking it during the night. Or take it at the end of a stressful day.

Studies have shown CBD influences the actions of GABA receptors in the brain. GABA is the brain’s “handbrakes”; it slows things down.

On the other hand, it might be more reasonable to take CBD oil in the morning if you need it to enhance your focus. There are studies to support this claim too.

CBD oil could be a good idea to start your day in the place of coffee. It could also be a part of your morning routine just to relax your muscles.

Sometimes, in the middle of your day, you might feel the effect of the CBD slowly wearing off. You could need to top-up with a mid-day dose. This could give you a boost to get you through the day.

What Quantity of CBD Do You Take?

Oftentimes, the action of CBD depends on the quantity you use. This is one of the reasons why it is important to know your daily cannabidiol dosage. If you do not know, you should check the CBD oil bottle or ask your provider.

The label will often only tell you the total CBD content in the bottle and not per drop. This should be in milligrams (mg). You might also see the size of the bottle in milliliter (ml). You can calculate the CBD content per drop.

Once you know the concentration of your oil, don’t be scared of experimenting. You can’t get high on CBD, and the side effects are minimal (according to studies, at least). Regardless, start with as little dose as possible, in the morning or at night, maybe one or two drops at a time.

You can then gradually increase the number of drops. You can split it into morning and nights. If you still believe you are not getting the best from CBD yet, you can throw in a mid-day dose or increase the number of drops.

This way of gradually increasing your daily dosage is called micro-dosing. It helps you discover how to optimize your CBD use. It takes the body some time to adjust to cannabinoids.

However, micro-dosing helps the body slowly adapt to the compounds. This will further reduce the risks of having side effects.

When Is It NOT the Best Time of Day to Use CBD?

Like we have often said, there are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding the use of CBD. It is important to contact a physician or a pharmacist if you want to start using CBD oil.

We still do not know how CBD reacts with some drugs. They can offer useful advice to protect you from the adverse effects of drug interactions.

So… when is the best time of day to take CBD oil?

There is no consensus on the best time of the day to use CBD oil. As we have shown you in this article, it depends on why you are using the oil. It is a case of different strokes for different folks.


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